​​​​​Your image dictates how people perceive you. The way you look to others determines how they will react to you, how they will judge you and ultimately whether they agree or disagree with their perception of you.

​Image Consultant Vancouver will enhance your image delivering the maximum effect changing your life dramatically forever.

Image Consulting

In 2000, Galina was given the opportunity to take her skills to Canada's fashion centre, Montreal. Within a year her desire for a warmer climate and more colourful spring and summer fashions, took her to Vancouver, where she started "Image Consultant Vancouver", a personalized consulting business that delivers incredible results.
Galina will help show the world who you really are and convey the image you want people to see.
​Perhaps you are changing jobs, recently divorced, still single, or just want to improve your appearance and style.
​Image Consultant Vancouver will make a difference in your life!

​​You only have one chance to make a first impression.